Thursday, 8 August 2013

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, Chapter 1 and 2

Mathematics is all about Science of Pattern and Order.  “Science is a process of figuring out or making sense, and mathematics is the science of concepts and processes that have a pattern of regularity and logical order.” 
(Van de Walle, J.A., Karp, K.S., and Bay-Williams,J.M. (2013), Elementary and middle school mathematics (8ted.). USA:Pearson.


Learning mathematics is fun!  Children learn better as “doers” when they are involve with mind intriguing verbs such as compare, describe, explain, explore, investigate, predict, represent, solve, use and represent.  These mind intriguing verbs definitely will spur them to think further; in addition with encouragement and development opportunities creating higher-level ideas in ‘making sense’ and ‘figuring out’ to a solution.


Children are empowered to take mathematics ideas to the next level when they are able to make sense of the mathematics problems and therefore they are capable to solve the solution.  The following are the mathematics strategies that enable children to believe that they are “doer” of mathematics (Fillingim & Barlow, 2010) by:-
o connecting to previous material
o responding with info beyond the required response
o conjecturing or predicting

Doing mathematics required effort with the combined collaboration together with the families and the community in order to enhance mathematics learning development, (National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008). 
In mathematics, the conceptual understanding is when the children apply their previous knowledge, testing ideas, making connections and comparisons.  In the process the children take the struggle into their strike and sense their achievement when they are able to solve a solution, (Carter, 2008).

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