Sunday, 18 August 2013

Session 2 on 13th August 2013

Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract Approach, Scaffolding and Modelling.

I like the mathematics exercise using the 'Ten Frame' which I can use for instructional.  On the other hand, the children get to explore and to conceptualize the number bond in more than only one way to experience whole number.

Another important lesson I learnt through this session is that 'never count the number with different nouns'.  I used to think that counting is counting, so why the children in my school were not able to add the sum of boys and girls as the overall number of children in the class.  I need to rephrase by asking the children to count as a class then sought the number of girls from the boys. I have to more mindful in the structure of language as not to cause ambiguity that mislead their understanding.

Session 3 on 14th August 2013

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